Greetings from the OFHA!

2015 Board will continue to build on our past accomplishments!

2014 was a very busy one for our neighborhood. Many new residents have moved into our community, and we also have several new businesses in the area. In 2015, we plan to take OFHA to even greater heights as we continue to make our neighborhood a great place to live.

Greetings from OFHA's Executive Board
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S.E.A.L Security Solutions
L-R: Kathy Wyrick, Secretary, 1st Vice President, Troy
Johnson, President, Philip Simmons, 2nd Vice President,
Kendal Bezecny, and Treasurer, Michael Tompkins.

2015 Wine Extravaganza
Movie in the Park
Tour de Oak Forest

OAKIES: It is time to renew or join the HOA, for only $20.00!  You can sign up here, as well you can sign up to join the security program.

Despite it being the third largest subdivision in Harris County, living in Oak Forest is remarkably pleasant and neighborly. Our many parks, schools, places of worship and ease of access to the rest of Houston make Oak Forest a great place. Where else can you walk to the park, the grocery store, your child’s school, your church, plus have access to Downtown or The Galleria in less than 10 minutes…and still have a huge yard?!

We encourage you to get out and about, know your neighbors and Oak Forest, become a part of our lovely community, and join us for our monthly discussions of all things Oak Forest.

Thank you to our 2014 OFHA Membership Drive Sponsors for their gracious support, if you would like to renew your membership and/or security dues you can go to:

Also, you can take or mail your payment with a "Deposit slip" located here: or obtain one from Resource One Credit Union to mail or walk in your dues:

If your Business would like to support our upcoming 2015 membership drive, please email