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The City of Houston's Planning Commission has Oak Forest Section 1 replat no. 6 (2024-0478) on the agenda for April 18. 

The original plat of this lot shows a setback along Kinley lane of 25' and the applicant would like to change this to 15'.  The setback along Althea will remain at 25'.  The Deed Restrictions for Section 1 state:

(l) The building lines of any residence to be erected in Oak Forest, Section 6, shall be as follows: Not less than twenty-five (25) feet from the front property line and not less than five (5) feet from the side property lines except that on all corner lots no structure shall be erected nearer than fifteen (15) feet from property lines abutting a street.

Currently all lots along Althea and Kinley have 25' setbacks from the street.

This is a public hearing and you have the ability to speak in favor of or in opposition to the applicant's proposal.  The hearings are broadcasted virtually and you can sign up to speak in-person or virtually.

Visit City of Houston's Planning Commission Website for additional info:


Public Comments

The public may address the Planning Commission on agenda items. The deadline to submit comments or sign up to speak is 2:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the Planning Commission meeting. All comments are made part of the public meeting record.

  • Email all questions and comments to or Sign Up to Speak via the form below.
  • You may also call the Planning Department at 832-393-6624 to sign up to speak. This must be done before 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday before the Planning Commission meeting. 
  • Speakers are normally called in the order of sign up. See current agenda for speaker guidelines.
  • Individual written comments are limited to 3 pages (8.5” X 11”) of written or graphic material. The font size may be no smaller than 10 points.


Deed Restrictions Committee and Architectural Plan Submission Guidelines


Where and how to submit your plans:

Please submit the following items to
    • Survey with clearly marked setback and building lines
    • Complete plans showing the scope of project and where the addition or new construction project lies within setback and building lines
    • Exterior Elevations

The Deed Restriction Committee will review your submission within 2 - 4 weeks and either

      a) send an approval letter
      b) request more information
      c) reject the plans for revision

If your plans are rejected, the DRC may request modification of your plans and will require a subsequent resubmission of the revised plans to The resubmission must be approved prior to beginning construction.

Click here for complete Deed Restriction Policy

What type of building project must be approved by the DRC?
The OFHA's DRC submission and review process is required for:
    • all new construction projects
    • modifications of or additions to existing homes
    • additions of pools or outdoor kitchens 
    • construction of detached buildings
    • a garage addition
    • any permanent structure in your back yard or front yard  

What happens if I do not submit my plans for approval to OFHA's Deed Restriction Committee?
If your project was not submitted for approval and was begun, then is found to be in violation of setback lines, building lines or other criteria described in the Deed Restrictions for your Section of Oak Forest, the City can issue a Stop Work Order and require your project be torn down, removed, changed, and even a poured slab removed, in order to comply with Deed Restrictions and City Ordinances. A heavy fine can also be imposed daily until the required changes are made.

What is the purpose of submitting plans?
Safety first!  Just like the old construction adage, "measure twice and cut once," it is much easier to submit your plans to the Deed Restriction Committee and have an approval in hand than to have a neighbor take issue with a building project (which has already cost you thousands of dollars at that point) and reporting you to the City, and to subsequently receive a Stop Work Order from the City of Houston.
    • Only 2 story houses are allowed
    • Only 2 car garages are allowed
    • OFHA and the City of Houston want to ensure there is adequate drainage for each lot and that a new building does not create a flooding problem for neighbors where there was none before.
    • Builders are held to a certain standard so the integrity of the neighborhood is maintained. Oak Forest's Deed Restrictions do not allow subdivision of single family lots, duplexes or multi-family dwellings may not be built in Oak Forest, builders are discouraged from building multiple homes on one block or in one small area which look identical, and many other things.
    • Each Section's Deed Restrictions are slightly different and a few are markedly different. Setback lines and building line requirements differ may also from Section to Section.
    • A corner lot may have different build lines and setback lines than the interior lots on a block.
    • All new construction and substantial renovations to structures require approval by OFHA under pre-existing applicable deed restrictions.  OFHA has no present intention to enforce front setback requirements against carports and similar structures in existence as of January 1, 2020, where they encroach upon front setback requirements but otherwise have limited impact. However, the applicable deed restrictions remain in full force and effect, and they are neither waived nor abandoned by OFHA. 

For more information, consult your Section's Deed Restrictions at Deed Restrictions, or send your plans to

Plan review may take 2-4 weeks. ​We welcome any and all questions!


  • Plans not submitted for review to DRC prior to City of Houston plan approval or prior to construction will be red tagged (construction will be halted) until the plans have been reviewed.
  • If your plans are not approved after review by DRC:
    • you will receive an email describing the nature of the objections and a request for revision of the plans
    • any nonconforming building found to have been completed ​must be remedied prior to resubmission of plans before another review for approval by the DRC can commence.

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