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Deed Restriction Documents


      As a service to our neighborhood, we have made a copy of each Section's deed restrictions available.  If you need a legal copy of these documents, please obtain them from the appropriate authorities.

         Oak Forest Homeowners Association (OFHA) is an all-volunteer organization whose membership is entirely optional and available to property owners and residents of the Oak Forest subdivision.

         OFHA’s leadership recognizes and applauds the community’s desire to remove any discriminatory language found in Deed Restrictions for certain Sections of our subdivision. These Deed Restrictions were written at the founding of the Oak Forest subdivision over 60 years ago, and such discriminatory provisions do not reflect the values of our community or its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Provisions contained in any document which restrict the sale, rental, or use of the Real Property described therein because of race or color are invalid under Federal law and are unenforceable.

         Please review the Resolution of the Board of Directors of OFHA, Inc. (button below) and the attorney opinion letter prepared by John Barnes, Counsel to the Board of Directors of OFHA, Inc. (button below), related to the racial restrictions which are no longer enforceable found in Deed Restrictions for Oak Forest Sections 1 through 7.  

Determine your section number by going to ​ and click on search by address.


The copies of our 18 Sections of Deed Restrictions below were re-typed as .pdf documents.
​These documents are not the original versions recorded with the Harris County Courthouse

WARNING: The documents below are for reference only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for legal documents. Do not attempt to copy these or use them as binding legal forms. The creators of this website take no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in the
transcription of these documents.

To view originial Deed Restriction documents Click Here

Click on the buttons below to view the searchable copies (retyped) of Oak Forest Deed Restrictions:

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Oak Forest Homeowners Association is a non-mandatory neighborhood association that covers the Oak Forest neighborhood 18 sections.