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Oak Forest Homeowners Association

Join us in making a difference in Oak Forest

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The Oak Forest Homeowners Association is non-mandatory and all dues are voluntary. Membership in our organization brings many advantages for members. It may include networking opportunities, member benefits and discounts, business support and advice, and the chance to have your views represented at county, regional and national levels through the Organization’s on-going activities.

Membership in the OFHA is significant and builds over time - the more you use the OFHA and its member benefits, the more you’ll get out of your membership. In many cases membership pays for itself through the discounts and other benefits available.

Reasons to become a OFHA member:

Networking opportunities

The OFHA organizes a busy calendar of social events to support community networking. A full program of upcoming networking opportunities can be seen in our events section.


The organization provides the opportunity for it's members to participate in the Patrol Program that provides additional security for the neighborhoods, and for individual homes while on vacation.  Check out the Patrol Program page on our site.

Contact Us:

Oak Forest Homeowners Association

P.O. Box  920616

Houston, TX 77292-0616

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Oak Forest Homeowners Association is a non-mandatory neighborhood association that covers the Oak Forest neighborhood 18 sections.