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Oak Forest Homeowners Association

Join us in making a difference in Oak Forest

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The Oak Forest Homeowners Association is a voluntary homeowner association.     

Membership in OFHA is voluntary. Annual dues are $40 and are used for administrative and overhead costs (i.e., insurance, printing and mailing; beautification projects in the community; and costs associated with organizing and executing community events and activities).

Proceeds from OFHA's membership dues, donations and its fundraisers go right back into the community, making our neighborhood a better place to live.  Below are some other things the OFHA does:

  • Maintains neighborhood signage
  • Supports education activities for local schools and school children and assists other organizations with their neighborhood projects
  • Provides information and a forum for discussing neighborhood land use issues
  • Monitors government plans or actions that may impact the neighborhood
  • Promotes deed restriction adherence by enforcing the deed restrictions in all 18 Sections
  • Hosts events and activities along with regular meetings featuring topics of interest to the community
  • Promotes our neighborhood as an attractive, unique place to live and visit by celebrating our neighborhood history as well as organizing and/or promoting activities that encourage community participation
  • Our Beautification Committee works on community park and entrance beautification projects (did you know OFHA has Candlelight Park and Oak Forest Park both mowed monthly during the summer so that our neighbors can enjoy the parks?) 

Contact Us:

Oak Forest Homeowners Association

P.O. Box  920616

Houston, TX 77292-0616

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Oak Forest Homeowners Association is a non-mandatory neighborhood association that covers the Oak Forest neighborhood 18 sections.